Entering Students Welcome


Dear Incoming Students,

American Studies Leipzig welcomes you, the BA and MA Entering Cohorts of 2021, to Leipzig. We look forward to meeting and getting to know you soon.

Formal instruction starts on October 11th. Please check our info page for more information on the formats of instruction.

Also, please use the TOOL platform to sign up for your modules, and consult our registration information sheet for further instructions.

Before that, on September 30th, we invite you to attend the Student Information Day. The day is currently planned as an in-person event, a chance to meet your fellow students and instructors, and it is packed with information you will need during your studies here at Leipzig. It is designed specifically for entering students, and so we do encourage you to come and join us on that day.


Digital Preparations

American Studies Leipzig prides itself of having a very active online community. Once you are admitted to our program, you will see that our webpage is the most important digital channel of communication at the institute. Of course, you are also invited to like our facebook profile and to check out our youtube channel.

To be ready for the coming semester, be sure that you have at least one electronic device that is video conference ready. To participate in possible online seminars, lectures, and tutorials, we recommend using a Desktop PC or a Laptop with a webcam (built-in or separate) and a headset.

Recommended Books

  • Deloria, Philip J., and Alexander I. Olson. American Studies: A User’s Guide. Oakland: U of California P, 2017. Print.
  • Hebel, Udo. Einführung in die Amerikanistik / American Studies. Stuttgart: Metzler, 2008. Print.

Student Orientation Day: Preliminary (!) Schedule

On Thursday, September 30, 2021, American Studies Leipzig will hold its Student Orientation Day. Entering BA and MA students are cordially invited to attend all sessions listed below, focusing on the events marked for the respective cohort.

When? What?  Who?

Registration (in front of HS 9)


BA Welcome and Introduction


BA Program Orientation


Welcome by FSR and Campus Tour (including University Library)


MA Welcome and Program Orientation


Info Session with US Consul General (tbc)


Welcome by DAIS and ASL Alumni Association (tbc)

ca. 15:30

Get-together and Pizza (tbc)

ca. 17:00




All orientation events are scheduled to take place in HS 9 (Lecture Hall 9) in the Hörsaalgebäude (Lecture Hall Building) on the university’s main campus (Augustusplatz), 04109 Leipzig.

Orientation Day COVID Safety Protocol

It is your responsibility to follow the latest national and local corona regulations.

As you get to the Hörsaalgebäude, please pay attention to the signs signaling walkways and directions as well as guidelines regarding face masks, sanitizer dispensers, etc. Please stay at home if you feel ill or if you show symptoms of a cold.

For more information on the impact of the pandemic on the coming semester, please refer to our continuously updated COVID-19 info page at: americanstudies.uni-leipzig.de/covid

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