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 Christina Harms 

After earning my BA degree in Literary, Cultural, and Media Studies from the University of Siegen, I enrolled in the ASL Master program in the spring of 2010. My research interests focus mainly on the study of literature, music, and film. Within these broader fields, I have been particularly interested in manifestations of Latino culture, the roles and representations of Muslims in America, as well as the cultural space of New Orleans.


With Carolin Betker, Stefan Ecke, Katharina Freitag, Sebastian M. Herrmann, Nadezhda N. Panchenko, Marianne Polkau, Bettina Schuster, and Christiane Vogel eds. aspeers: emerging voices in american studies 4 (2011). Print.

With Betker, Carolin, et al. "Nature and Technology, Revisited." Introduction. aspeers: emerging voices in american studies 4 (2011): vii-xix. Print.



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