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 Caterina Rost 

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Caterina Rost

Magistra Artium (M.A.), American Studies and Political Science

In Spring 2009, I graduated the University of Leipzig, where I majored in American Studies and Political Science, with the degree Magistra Artium. My M.A. thesis, entitled "Youthquake 2008: Millennial, the Internet, and Partisan Youth Mobilization in the U.S. Presidential Election," focused on the youth mobilization efforts of the two major presidential campaigns and the party's youth organizations. For that project, I conducted field research in the U.S. - travelling through ten states for three months, attending the national conventions, and interviewing party officials. During that time, I contributed to the American Studies Leipzig Election Blog.

Since graduating from the University of Leipzig, I worked as an online campaign manager for the Social Democratic Party of Saxony and as a member of the ASL staff, the latter of which I am still doing. Aside from work, I am engaged in a number of organizations, e.g. the "Leipzig-Houston Sister City Association" and the "American Studies Alumni Organization," as well as preparing plans for my disseration.    


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