Ten Reasons to Study at ASL

Whether you are a prospective student from Germany, Europe, North America, or anywhere in the world, please do contact us with your questions about our programs. We would love to hear from you!

There are at least ten outstanding reasons to pursue a degree in American Studies in Leipzig:

  • Unique and Important Program
    The Leipzig Model for American Studies is unique, and completely tailored to meet student demands for becoming confident and effective members of their community, and to pursuing a successful career, especially internationally.
    And if your main interest is improving your English language skills, then this program is hard to beat: Teaching, Assignments, and Events are all done in English.
  • Excellence of Program
    American Studies Leipzig is one of the fastest growing programs in the country. It has recently been ranked as excellent by the German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat). The Center for Higher Education (CHE) has also provided the BA and MA programs with the ranking of excellent. In recent years, it has secured three distinguished international professorships, has its own renowned library (The Frank Freidel Library), and is very well-known for its research.
  • Language
    Advanced English is used throughout in the programs for reading, writing and speaking.
  • American Presence in Leipzig
    There is a rich cultural, economic, and diplomatic presence in Leipzig, including festivals like Euro-Scene, Honky-Tonk, and poetry slams; companies like Amazon, DHL, and Price-Waterhouse-Cooper; and the Consulate for the United States representing all of central Germany as well as the German-American Institute of Saxony with its mission to strengthen German-American relations.
  • Studying America in its Full Diversity
    American Studies Leipzig offers courses in literature, history, language, society, and international affairs. Whatever your special interest in the United States, you can almost certainly pursue it while earning a degree in Leipzig.
  • You Are Part of a Scholarly Community
    As part of the liberal arts education philosophy, we integrate students into the pursuit of knowledge creation from very early on in their studies. Students, Staff, and Scholars at the Institute for American Studies do not create a hierarchy, but a community of colleagues for learning.
  • You Are Part of a Local Community
    The Leipzig Model for American Studies stresses that education should not be an “ivory tower existence”. Through the Student Body, the Alumni Association, and regular Institute events, we create a sense of community among students so that they do not pursue their studies in relative isolation. Moreover, scholars and staff at the Institute regularly engage the local community to show that we want to be an active citizen helping encourage dialog between cultures.
  • Your Are Part of an International Community
    The University of Leipzig has a very diverse and international student body. Students from around the world are eager to take courses in American Studies because they get to pursue knowledge about America in a very global setting. Whether a student from Germany, Europe, North America, or from around the World, there is no better learning environment than to sit with fellow students from around the world and debate the uniqueness, importance, and controversies surrounding the culture, politics, and society of the United States. In our courses we have had students from Mexico, Kenya, South Africa, Algeria, Japan, India, Poland, Ukraine, Norway, Ireland, Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece, to provide just a sample of students pursuing American Studies in Leipzig.
  • Leipzig is a Great University
    The University of Leipzig is one of Europe’s oldest and most distinguished universities. In its almost 600 years of existence (1409-2009) Leipzig has earned an international reputation as a leading center of learning and scholarship in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Fine Arts.
  • Leipzig is a Great City!
    Let’s face it, no one wants to study twenty-four hours a day. And so, when you leave the library, where you study takes on a different importance. And Leipzig is a great university town. With its lakes, parks, pubs, music scene, affordable housing, great public transportation, and friendly people, Leipzig is hard to beat. It is rapidly earning an international reputation as one of Central Europe’s most exciting cities.

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