The concept of a university education is becoming increasingly complicated as students need to integrate more and more elements into what society will perceive as a comprehensive or completed education. This places growing pressures on students in terms of time management. Helping students and scholars substantially to pursue a more nimble and service-oriented form of higher education is the emergence of the cyber-campus, or e-learning.

American Studies Leipzig pursues e-learning through the highly innovative system known as Lehrbox.de:

  • All of the Institute for American Studies courses are listed over this e-learning platform.
  • Faculty and staff can post reading via Lehrbox.
  • Students can hand in assignments.
  • Regular communication takes place.
  • Chat rooms centered on assignments and themes of a course can be established.
  • And students can even create their own profiles for their fellow student-colleagues if they so desire.

Lehrbox.de not only empowers students to pursue their studies more independently and flexibly, it permits students to pursue a form of cyber-community that can complement and enrich what they achieve together in the classroom.

In 2012, ASL launched a project called ''Teaching America: E-Teaching, E-Learning, Best Practice,'' an online platform that helps teaching students create effective teaching resources, while it also allows current teachers to use and evaluate these resources for their classroom purposes.

Furthermore, we created the ASL Gateway, an online research platform provided in cooperation with the Frank Freidel Library and the US Consulate in Leipzig. The ASL Gateway is a collection of online resources which provide access to diverse fields of American studies for students, scholars, and teachers.