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The concept of community is central to the Leipzig Model for American Studies. By community we mean openness, communication, and interaction with absolutely as little hierarchy and formal barriers as possible. Community is meant to encourage a vital learning culture and empower the pursuit of individual goals.



American Studies at Leipzig defines scholarship as the pursuit and creation of new knowledge. Scholarship and its dissemination in the classroom and in the community represents the core of the university mission.

American Studies at Leipzig pursues the scholarly mission as a team effort involving faculty, staff, and students. This integrated team effort is the heart of the liberal arts education mission. Forms of scholarship range from the BA Thesis to the German “Second PhD” (the Habilitation) to the papers and publications by faculty members.


Additional Block Seminar by Frank Freidel Scholar in Residence

American Studies Leipzig will offer one additional seminar taught by the 2008 Frank-Freidel Scholar in Residence, Dr. Paula Lee.

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