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The Terrymania is Over

Terry McAuliffe, former Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton for President committee chair, will be very much missed on the campaign trail now that Hillary Clinton has suspended her candidacy. The always forward looking McAuliffe was persistant in delivering and staying on message. Today the New York Times wrote:


Fulbright Lecture Series Opens to Broad Enthusiasm

The FLS 2008 opened with a very well attended lecture by Professor Murry Nelson from Penn State University. Some fifty students and colleagues gathered in the main lecture hall of the Albertina University Library to hear Nelson discuss the dynamics of American immigration since the later nineteenth century. Asian immigration to America provided the focus of the talk.

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Core Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Guest Scholars, Staff, and Students: Together this is the scholarly team at the Institute for American Studies in Leipzig.


Student Life

Choosing to enroll in American Studies at the University of Leipzig should first and foremost be a decision about the educational philosophy and quality of the program and how it fits your personal and professional goals. Once that decision has been made, however, where one studies becomes a central consideration for overall quality of life. And that is where Leipzig becomes very special, a great place to study. The combination of campus and community makes Leipzig one of Central Europe’s premier destinations.



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