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Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated Faculty are colleagues from throughout the University of Leipzig with whom the Institute for American Studies cooperates to work on integrated and interdisciplinary teaching, research projects, and events dealing with contemporary subjects involving the United States in a transatlantic and global context. Affiliated faculty are also faculty on a longer leave and faculty who are not teaching at ASL anymore but who are still associated to the institute through various projects.


Code of Conduct

Scope and Guiding Principles

American Studies Leipzig is an institution dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, and public service. These objectives can only be pursued effectively through a joint effort of faculty, staff, and students. Consequently the following code of conduct applies to instructors of ASL courses, ASL’s staff members, and students who take classes at this institute.

The guiding principles that lay the foundation for conduct at ASL are respect, responsibility, and integrity.


Practical Learning

For more concrete and detailed information about the internship support services offered by ASL, please visit our Internship Support webpage.



The concept of a university education is becoming increasingly complicated as students need to integrate more and more elements into what society will perceive as a comprehensive or completed education. This places growing pressures on students in terms of time management. Helping students and scholars substantially to pursue a more nimble and service-oriented form of higher education is the emergence of the cyber-campus, or e-learning.


Ten Reasons to Study at ASL

Whether you are a prospective student from Germany, Europe, North America, or anywhere in the world, please do contact us with your questions about our programs. We would love to hear from you!

There are at least ten outstanding reasons to pursue a degree in American Studies in Leipzig:


Institute for American Studies

The Institute for American Studies at the University of Leipzig is the fastest growing institute for American Studies in Germany (outside of Berlin).


Scholarly Distinction

American Studies Leipzig is one of the most distinguished programs in Germany.


The Vision

The leitmotif or vision for the Leipzig Model for American Studies is to bring together the virtues of the “Humboldtian Ideal” with the strengths of “Dewey Pragmatism” to create a unique liberal arts education experience.


The Leipzig Model

The Leipzig Model for American Studies seeks to combine classroom and practical learning to help students be able to engage their community and careers with well-founded confidence.



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