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BA Entering Class of 2006

American Studies Leipzig has welcomed its first BA students. The American Studies Leipzig BA Class of 2006 consists of twenty-seven students from around Germany. Almost two-thirds of the entering class has already spent substantial time (e.g. high school year abroad, au-pair experience) in the United States. Their reasons for pursuing American Studies are diverse, ranging from being fascinated by the country generally, to being a fan of its contemporary popular culture, to wanting to further a better German-American dialog.


Updates for Fall Semester 2006

Dear students,
please find below the most up-to-date information on the upcoming fall term of 2006. For all students, instruction starts on 16 Oct, 2006.



Registration, Fall 2006

Dear Students:

After last week’s registration, you are probably curious about which you have been admitted to. More details about this can be found below.
For those students who are pursuing late-admissions to American Studies as a Major (Kernfach), please see the necessary information below.


Relaunch Feedback

Below, you can send us a message on how you feel about the new homepage. We very much look forward to hearing from you. Please let us know if you would rather not have your feedback published. If you want to receive a reply, please do not forget to mention your email address.


2006 Congressional Elections Event

American Studies, Leipzig. 10 November 2006.

American Studies Leipzig in cooperation with the United States Consulate in Leipzig held an 2006 Congressional Elections Event on Wednesday, November 8th. Some 150 people from the Campus and the City of Leipzig came together to discuss what shaped the elections, and what the elections mean for the United States, both at home and abroad.


Application Cover Sheet

Please use any of the following downloads for an application cover sheet. If you decide to send your application package by mail, please print and fill in the form. If you decide to send in your application by email, make sure to send us the completed form as PDF.



Religion in US Culture and Society

The study tour started in Washington D.C. since the capital is a focus of activities centering on the federal government. The students then went to Virginia, where they visited a fundamentalist organization (American Values) and two research institutes. From there, the tour went on to Nashville, Tennessee within the “Bible Belt” and eventually to liberal New England. There students traced the roots and remains of the Puritan heritage (Congregationalism), as well as learned of the impact of the Catholic Church, and the importance of church-affiliated schools.



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