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Public Dialogue

American Studies Leipzig seeks to be an active participant in the public dialogue about the nature of American life, and about the role of the United States in German, European, and World Affairs.


Dr. Sebastian M. Herrmann

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Dr. Sebastian M. Herrmann
Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben (Lecturer for American Studies)
Room 3504 | Phone: (0341) 97-37332
Office Hours: Wed 2-3 (via Zoom for now, pls. email me for details)


Public Lecture Series

As part of its regular engagement with the community, American Studies offers a variety of public lectures and public lecture series. These deal with all aspects of American life, both contemporary and historical, and they cover a whole range of issues, from cultural, to political, social, economic, environmental, literary, and international. Recent guest lectures, open to the public, are listed below.


American Studies Leipzig Blogs

The Study-Abroad Blog is a platform for our students to share their study abroad adventure. Every ASL students currently spending a semester in the US can contribute. It is a space to discuss the enriching experiences or reflect on the challenging moments of studying abroad.


Frank Freidel Memorial Library



The Frank Freidel Memorial Library is an outstanding story of German-American cooperation and generosity. The Library consists of the initial collection put together in 1997 and since then of a steady flow of new acquisitions.


Field Research. The Living Classroom

We are especially proud in Leipzig of how we integrate the classroom, research, and engaging other cultures into what we call “The Living Classroom”, or the pursuit of new knowledge and understanding through Study Tours to the United States. Study Tours are an outstanding opportunity for our students to go beyond the class room and explore classroom related issues through dialogue and direct encounters with people, places and institutions in today's America.



The Institute for American Studies holds conferences to encourage international and interdisciplinary knowledge and networks in order to enrich scholarship and dialogue about the United States in its historical, contemporary, transatlantic, and global context. The conferences are thus international meeting places for discussion and debate among scholars, students, and the broader community about America’s place in the world, and about the complexity, challenges, and controversies connected to American society, culture, and politics.


Research Projects

American Studies Leipzig has a wide range of research projects that share common traits: They are interdisciplinary, international, and integrated into the classroom, thus allowing for many forms of invidual participation by students.

Research projects at American Studies Leipzig reflect the diversity of the United States and its place in the world. Themes incude consumption culture, notions of Americanization, literature and society, ethnicity and identity, citizenship and immigration, and contemporary transatlantic relations.



Without an outstanding staff, no program can produce excellence. The Institute for American Studies in Leipzig is no exception. Thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of our Staff members, American Studies Leipzig is able to create a teaching and research community of international caliber. That is why we see Staff as an essential element of the Scholarly Team. Staff members currently are:




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