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Religion in US Culture and Society

The study tour started in Washington D.C. since the capital is a focus of activities centering on the federal government. The students then went to Virginia, where they visited a fundamentalist organization (American Values) and two research institutes. From there, the tour went on to Nashville, Tennessee within the “Bible Belt” and eventually to liberal New England. There students traced the roots and remains of the Puritan heritage (Congregationalism), as well as learned of the impact of the Catholic Church, and the importance of church-affiliated schools.


Civil Society and Civic Engagement

12 American Studies went to Houston, Texas, to deal with a fundamental issue of the American political process: the importance of civil society for the everyday life of Americans and their self-image. Closely connected with the role of civil society is the grass roots level; it is essential for understanding the political engagement of Americans. The political system of the United States, contrary to the European idea, functions from the lowest level upwards. As a result, community and state issues play a much larger role in the U.S. than they do in Europe.


Toward a New Transatlantic Space?

The American Studies Institute at the University of Leipzig and the German Historical Institute Washington hosted the conference entitled “Toward a New Transatlantic Space? Changing Perceptions of Identity, Belonging, and Space in the Atlantic World”, held in Leipzig, 21 June – 23 June 2007.


Magister Amerikanistik

Das Studium der Amerikanistik (Magister Haupt- oder Nebenfach) umfasst drei Teilgebiete: Literatur und Kulturgeschichte der USA sowie amerikanistische Linguistik. Im Grundstudium sind die Anteile dieser Bereiche etwa gleichwertig verteilt. Daneben sind sprachpraktische Übungen wahrzunehmen.

Im Hauptstudium des Hauptfaches müssen die Studierenden durch Schwerpunktbildung eine Gewichtung dieser Bereiche vornehmen.


MA Program in American Studies

Short Introduction to the MA in American Studies at Leipzig

The MA in American Studies at Leipzig provides advanced knowledge and skills that enable program participants to either pursue a further academic career or to step immediately into the international employment market, whether private, public, non-profit, non-governmental, governmental, or a wide variety of media and cultural opportunities.


Ambivalent Americanizations

Popular and Consumer Culture in Central and Eastern Europe

24-26 November 2005 Leipzig University


Application for the MA Program

Application Due Date for Entrance Exam:

International and domestic applicants: May 2, 2022

All applicants will enter the steps of the entrance exam according to the timetable indicated below.

Application to the MA American Studies - Entrance Exam

The test for admission to the MA in American Studies consists of a straightforward three-step process.



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