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Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Election Event

Panel members included U.S. Consul General in Leipzig, Mark Scheland, senior member of the Bundestag, Social Democrat Uwe Küster, and Crister Garrett. Mark Scheland noted that the elections on 8 November ranged through the whole scope of American society, from deciding on who should be the local sheriff in many communities across the country, to which party would have majority power in the national legislative branch or Congress. Uwe Küster underscored that the broad sweep of the Democrats illustrated the continuing vitality of American politics and democracy.


Inspiring People

Culture and Education in German Foreign Policy

On the panel for creating world-wide networks for education and scholarship were the Secretary General of the Alexander-Humboldt Foundation, the Head of the Crespo Foundation, the Director of Worldwide Communications for Deutsche Post World Net, and American Studies. There were some fifty participants engaged with the panel in a two-hour exchange.


Student Orientation Week 2006

American Studies Leipzig has held its second annual Student Orientation Week (SOW). The goals of SOW 2006 were to introduce students to the new BA Program in American Studies, to allow students to get to know each other, and to acquaint the incoming BA Class of 2006 to the broader American Studies Community in Leipzig. Events were held over a period of three days.



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