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Prof. Crister S. Garrett

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Prof. Crister S. Garrett †
Professor for American Culture and History



Prof. Dr. Hartmut Keil

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Prof. Dr. Hartmut Keil
Professor Emeritus for American Culture and History



Personal Webpage: www.hartmutkeil.de

Prof. Dr. Anne Koenen

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Prof. Dr. Anne Koenen
Professor Emeritus for American Literature



Having grown up in a small German town on the borders to France and Luxembourg, I have lived in Saarbrücken, Frankfurt on the Main, Berkeley, and currently Leipzig. I love cats, gardening, and literature about adventurous expeditions into cold, remote regions; for myself, I prefer the Southwest of France.


Twin Peaks Newsletter

The Twin Peaks was a student-produced newsletter for the Institute of American Studies, which appeared every semester from 1995 to 2006. It featured articles and interviews related to American Studies as well as academic essays, short stories, poetry, reviews in English.

Back Issues (available as PDF files)

Civic Engagement


American Studies Leipzig receives regular requests for our scholars and staff to participate in continuing education programs for many different sectors of society, including teachers, journalists, members of the business community, officers and soldiers, and government officials. We see it as one of our key responsibilities to participate in these crucial education programs. Such civic engagement is a central way for American Studies to be an active citizen in the broader community.

Public Dialogue

American Studies Leipzig seeks to be an active participant in the public dialogue about the nature of American life, and about the role of the United States in German, European, and World Affairs.

Dr. Sebastian M. Herrmann

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Dr. Sebastian M. Herrmann
Assistant Lecturer for American Studies
Room 3503 | Phone: (0341) 97-37337
Office Hours: - (Currently on Leave)


Public Lecture Series

As part of its regular engagement with the community, American Studies offers a variety of public lectures and public lecture series. These deal with all aspects of American life, both contemporary and historical, and they cover a whole range of issues, from cultural, to political, social, economic, environmental, literary, and international. Recent guest lectures, open to the public, are listed below.

From time to time, ASL also offers full lecture series, cycles of ten to fifteen lectures organized around a shared topic.

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