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Ambivalent Americanizations

Popular and Consumer Culture in Central and Eastern Europe

24-26 November 2005 Leipzig University

This conference explored ‘Americanization’ in new perspectives as well as in new comparative constellations.

Application for the MA Program

Application Due Date for Entrance Exam:

International and domestic applicants: April 29, 2019

All applicants will enter the steps of the entrance exam according to the timetable indicated below.


Application to the MA American Studies - Entrance Exam

The test for admission to the MA in American Studies consists of a straightforward three-step process.

Inga Poetzl

Inga Pötzl, Program Assistant, Fulbright Commission

Magister Degree, 2006

Study Tour Houston 2006

"Voluntarism, Diversity, and Civic Engagement"

This study tour will give us the opportunity to inform ourselves on a topic that has been claimed to be essential for understanding the American political system. Political scientists and historians - as well as foreign commentators like Alexis de Tocqueville - have consistently emphasized the importance, and the embeddedness, of civil society and civic participation in the lives, and for the identity, of American citizens.

BA Program in American Studies

Short Introduction to the New BA Degree in American Studies

American Studies at Leipzig offers students a multifaceted and challenging program that helps them acquire the sort of integrated expertise expected more and more in all sectors of the work world. The program explores the United States - its history, culture, politics, literature, and language - from multiple perspectives and in multiple contexts.

Zoe Kusmierz, M.A.


Born near Dortmund, I studied in Konstanz, at Rutgers (New Jersey), and at Leipzig University, where I completed my Magister degree in 2001. Since, I have been teaching American literature at the Institute and I work on my doctoral thesis on ‘The Cultural Work of Shopping Malls.’ I have a passion for movies, good chocolate, and running.


John Haskell

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John Haskell
Picador Guest Professor for Literature



John Haskell is the author of I Am Not Jackson Pollock (2003) and American Purgatorio (2005). Before, he has worked as an actor and performance artist - for example, with David Mamet at the Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago. John Haskell has studied playwriting at UCLA, and is a graduate of the MFA program in Creative Writing at Columbia University.

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