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Research Projects

American Studies Leipzig has a wide range of research projects that share common traits: They are interdisciplinary, international, and integrated into the classroom, thus allowing for many forms of invidual participation by students.

Research projects at American Studies Leipzig reflect the diversity of the United States and its place in the world. Themes incude consumption culture, notions of Americanization, literature and society, ethnicity and identity, citizenship and immigration, and contemporary transatlantic relations.



Without an outstanding staff, no program can produce excellence. The Institute for American Studies in Leipzig is no exception. Thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of our Staff members, American Studies Leipzig is able to create a teaching and research community of international caliber. That is why we see Staff as an essential element of the Scholarly Team. Staff members currently are:



Downloads and Resources

BA Documents | MA Documents | Other Information | Course Catalogs

Below are the most commonly requested documents for student use. If you feel we should add another document to this list, please let us know! Thanks.


Student Advising

At the Institute for American Studies, students find a comprehensive net of advising to assist them in all questions relating to the organization of their programs of study (including internships and study abroad) and student life.


Degree Exams


Bachelor Thesis

Summer Term 2021: until 19 January 2021

Winter Term 2021/22: until 7 June 2021

The BA Thesis Antrag, BA Thesis Guidelines, the BA Affidavit (Eidesstattliche Erklärung) as well as a list of supervisors and readers for your thesis you will find below.


Master Thesis


Applying and Admissions

Admissions Process for BA (Fall 2021) | Admissions Process for MA (Fall 2021)

Admissions Process for BA (Fall 2021)

Admission to the BA in American Studies is restricted by a local “numerus clausus” (“ncu”), which is based on the grade point average of your school leaving certificate.


Student Council

Student Representatives


International Students

Leipzig University and the American Studies Institute in particular strongly encourage students from abroad to study in Leipzig. The American Studies BA and MA programs are certified for meeting the Bologna criteria.

Our American Studies program is of great interest for international students because it looks at the U.S. in a global context. Here, you can discuss the country’s culture, its politics, social change, and economic transformation in the context of global trends and developments.



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