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You may have not noticed, but it is appears to be obligatory for U.S. presidents to have a dog. A quick research (cf. pictures below) has shown that every president since Kennedy had a hairy pal. Now, the important questions are: How is this issue going to play in November? And when and what kind of dog will Barack Obama get?



Thinking About Studying American Studies? Check Out All Sources!

If you're thinking about starting a BA in American Studies this Fall, most importantly, please mind the application deadlines issued by the University. For most BA applicants, the application has to be in by 15 July. Also, if you are still unsure about your decision, be sure to check as many different sources of information as possible to get a balanced and comprehensive picture. Below, you will find a brief overview over some of these sources, together with some context:


My 1st entry

This is the new stuff - looks great, doesn't it?

Thanks for all the effort to Sebastian...


Change is in the Air. American Studies Leipzig Overhauls Homepage

You may or may not have noticed right away: The American Studies Homepage looks slightly different. Since its launch in 2006, our institute homepage has received wide praise for its looks and usability. For several weeks now, student aides and faculty have worked hard, to retain the style, layout, and workflows of the page while completely overhauling the underlying engine. Most prominently, Alexandra Pitzing deserves recognition for transforming way over 400 individual pages from the old to the new system.

We changed the engine mainly to lay the foundation for new, interactive features that we will implement in the future—we already do have some exciting ideas :) Check back in the next couple days for more on this!

For now, there are already two (fairly modest) benefits:

Fulbright Lecture Series

Documents concerning the Fulbright Lecture Series.

Student Orientation Week

Documents for Student Orientation Week.


Free Shipping at the American Studies Leipzig Shop

The American Studies Leipzig Shop at asl.spreadshirt.net offers free shipping for all orders placed between 30. June and 17. July. To get free shipping, simply enter the code


as Gutschein Code. Enjoy!

Other Downloadable Documents

Other Downloadable Documents

Magister Documents

Documents for the Magister Program

MA Documents

Documents for the MA Program

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