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Michaela Beck

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Michaela Beck

Room GWZ 3 3.11 | Phone:
Office Hours: During semester break: by appointment

Gesine Wegner

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Gesine Wegner
Doctoral Fellow (SFB 1285: “Invectivity: Constella­tions and Dynamics of Disparagement”)
Room Room GWZ 3 3.11 | Phone: 0351 463 43852
Office Hours: by appointment


Course Catalog Summer Semester 2020

The course catalog for the Summer Semester 2020 is available now.

Please be aware that these pages will be updated throughout the break and the semester.

Anne Keyselt
ASL Secretariat

Syndicate and Classify: 

Office Hours during the Semester Break Winter 2020

Office Hours during the Semester Break Winter 2020

Prof. Kanzler
Thursday, Feb. 13, 3-4 pm
Thursday, Feb. 27, 12-1 pm
Thursday, Mar. 12, 3-4 pm
Thursday, Mar. 26, 3-4 pm

PD Dr Stieglitz
Tuesday, Mar. 10, 10 am to noon

Dr Schmieder
Thursday, Mar. 5, 10-11 am
​Thursday, Mar. 26, 12-1 pm

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Creative Writing

BA Professional Skills Module “Creative Writing: Envisioning America” 
(04-001-1020 | 5 Credits)

From First Page to Last

Tuesday, 11 am - 1 pm, GWZ 3 5.15
Oksana Marafioti (Picador Guest Professor)



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