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Studieninformationstag 2020

Lehrende des Instituts für Amerikanistik stehen am 25.04.2020 von 9-12 für eine Video-Sprechstunde zur Verfügung. Details zur Teilnahme finden Sie unten. Weitere Informationen zum Studienangebot des Instituts finden Sie (in englischer Sprache) unter:


American Studies Leipzig Gateway

The American Studies Leipzig Gateway is an online research platform that is provided in cooperation with the Frank Freidel Library and the US Consulate in Leipzig. It is currently undergoing review. In the meantime,  please use the resources below:


Deadline for Applications to the MA in American Studies Extended to May 25

Due to the circumstances caused by COVID-19, we will extend the deadline for the entrance exam of the MA in American Studies to May 25, 2020.

We also want to take this opportunity to reach out to students currently thinking (or perhaps being unsure) about pursuing a follow-up degree to let you know that, while some aspects of the coming winter term might still be in the balance, it is clear that the semester will take place and that we will enroll a new cohort of MA students.

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Office Hours in Summer Term 2020

Please note that these office hours only take place when classes are in session.

Please also note that all office hours are held remotely until further notice. For details, please refer to the covid-19 item on our institute’s website.

Prof. Katja Kanzler
Thursdays, 3 – 4 pm

Prof. Gabriele Pisarz-Ramirez
Wednesdays, 12 – 1 pm
Please send an email to request a callback at least one hour before the office hour starts.

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Call for Papers: Podcasting's Listening Publics (deadline: June 30, 2020)

CfP: Podcasting’s Listening Publics
Participations: Journal of Audience and Reception Studies

Co-editors: Dario Llinares (Brighton), Alyn Euritt (Leipzig), Anne Korfmacher (Köln)

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UPDATE: Picador Chair in the Summer Term 2020

We are sorry to announce that due to the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the Picador Chair will have to remain empty for the summer term of 2020. After a lot of careful thought, we decided that this is the most sensible choice in the light of the still unfolding events. While this means that no creative writing workshop will be offered this semester, we will be able to offer LC-III and the Lehramt module “US Popular Culture and American Literature” (-1701), albeit in a slightly different form than usual.

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Grading LC I Exam (Lecture)

Students who wish to receive feedback on their grades for the in-class exam of last semester’s “Literature and Culture I” should set up an appointment with Prof. Kanzler during her office hours. Please take note of the current procedures for remote office hours.

As of now, no repeat exam for LCI can be scheduled. We will revisit the situation later in the semester and announce any updates as we have them.

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Module Registration Summer Semester 2020

Please note: While the module registration this semester will generally take place as planned, individual modules might be impacted by changes necessitated by the university’s response to COVID-19. Accordingly, please see the news item on the ASL website for the most recent information.

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COVID update

ASL’s COVID-19 Response

As part of its response to the ongoing pandemic, faculty and staff will not be available on site for the time being. Please see this (continually updated) news item for details.

[CANCELED] Repeat Exam Lecture SHP II (PD Dr. O. Stieglitz)

28. Apr 09:00 to 11:00

The repeat exam has been postponed until further notice as part of the COVID-19 response.

Room 3.515 (GWZ, Beethovenstr. 15)



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