ASL Summer Lecture Series started with Talk by Prof. Paul Rundquist

On April 18, 2013, the ASL summer lecture series started with a talk by Prof. Paul Rundquist on Obama’s second first 100 days in office. Titled “Obama 2.0: The Famous First One Hundred Days—What Is Really Changing?”, Prof. Rundquist’s presentation focused on three main issues: budget, guns, and immigration. First of all, however, Prof.
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Start of the summer lecture series! Obama 2.0: The Famous First 100 Days - What Is Really Changing?

18. Apr 17:00 to 19:00
ASL will kick off the summer lecture series of 2013 with a talk by Prof. Paul Rundquist titled “Obama 2.0: The Famous First 100 Days - What Is Really Changing?” Started by Frankin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression, the “100 Days Program” has become part of the global political lexicon to define and assess how a new adminstration seeks to engage energetically large and pressing problems in both domestic and international affairs. President Obama has also made large promises for his second term, involving the economy, social policy, immigration, foreign policy, and the environment.
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U.S. Presidential Inauguration Multimedia Roundtable

Update: Please see our report page for more information.

American Studies Leipzig is pleased to announce

The ASL 2009 U.S. Presidential Inauguration Multimedia Roundtable 

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Bibliothek Albertina Hörsaal

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