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Gluehwein and Greetings Galore on the Offline Message Board

After the election and the Obama wipeout, the Offline Message Board is slowly recovering, filling up with greetings from all over, an announcement promising more information soon, and more boasting  in the notorious class wars ;)


Offline Message Board Changes after the Election

Before the election:

after the election on Wednesday, it notes an Obama Wipeout:


:) Class Wars, a Party Announcement(, and some election notes)

Next to the secretariat on the fifth floor, American Studies Leipzig's unique Offline Message Board is enjoying increasing attention. Most recently, a party announcement for 30th October has popped up, squeezed in on the left hand side of the board. Also, traces of a class war waging within the institute? ;) Another hot topic, of course, are the upcoming presidential election...


American Studies Offline Message Board

Complementing our very successful online communication platforms lehrbox and the ASL homepage, American Studies Leipzig now offers a new offline feature to the community: The first and only American Studies Offline Message Board ;)

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