International Students

Leipzig University and the American Studies Institute in particular strongly encourage students from abroad to study in Leipzig. The American Studies BA and MA programs are certified for meeting the Bologna criteria.

Our American Studies program is of great interest for international students because it looks at the U.S. in a global context. Here, you can discuss the country’s culture, its politics, social change, and economic transformation in the context of global trends and developments.

If you are an international student and interested in studying American Studies in Leipzig, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us.

Services for International Students

If you have general questions about studying in Leipzig, we recommend the following services and student organizations:

The International Center is Leipzig University’s service for international students who seek information regarding various aspects of their study and life in Leipzig.

Wilma is the international students’ club of Leipzig University and supports international students to get along in Leipzig and into contact with German students.

The International Exchange Leipzig is an initiative of the German Studies Institute for Sokrates/Erasmus students coming to Leipzig.