Student Life

Choosing to enroll in American Studies at the University of Leipzig should first and foremost be a decision about the educational philosophy and quality of the program and how it fits your personal and professional goals. Once that decision has been made, however, where one studies becomes a central consideration for overall quality of life. And that is where Leipzig becomes very special, a great place to study. The combination of campus and community makes Leipzig one of Central Europe’s premier destinations.

Living in Leipzig is just a lot of fun, including everything from internationally acclaimed classical culture to creative street cultures to a wide variety of alternative cultures (Leipzig hosts a major gothic festival for example). There is basically a cultural scene for every inclination. And for outdoor activities, there is a whole variety of parks, lakes, bike paths, sports clubs, and public festivals offering everything from jazz, hip hop, Latin American beats and country.

International Students can look forward to a Campus and City that have a whole host of services to make their studies and stay easy to organize and quickly integrated into the daily life of the campus and the community.

All this takes place in one of Central Europe’s major cities. Thus even practical issues like Sleeping and Such are easy to manage, as one can choose from very affordable and diverse housing (from ultra modern to jugendstil), sample all kinds of cuisines, and get around town easily with a great public transportation system.

And not to forget, your peers at the FSR AnAm (Student Representatives or Fachschaftsrat) are always ready to help you with any issues that might arise.