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Winter Semester COVID-19 Updates

[ Most recently updated on 2020-12-19 ]

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I’m currently on a one-person study tour through the US to research the ongoing presidential elections. I will post larger, in depth-pieces to American Studies Leipzig’s election blog and will use my personal blog below to report on the everyday encounters. More information on my journey is also available in this news item. Please enjoy reading, and please comment or ask questions.


Suspension of Teaching between Dec. 17 and Jan. 10

Per the university leadership’s decision, all teaching—including digital formats—will be suspended between Dec. 17 and Jan. 10. From the feedback we have received, faculty at American Studies Leipzig understand that this decision makes dealing with the ongoing pandemic easier for some students but that it also presents an additional set of unfortunate challenges for many others.

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Exam Dates Winter Term 2020/21


Literature and Culture I (04-001-1001)

  • Lecture: exam on Feb 9 (9-11am)
  • Seminar (a-c) + Tutorial (a-c): final essay due on Feb 14, 11am

iTask (04-001-1004)

  • Interviews on Jan 12, 13, 16, and 17
  • Portfolio due on March 5

Society, History, and Politics II (04-001-1006)

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Secretariat Closed

Unfortunately, the secretariat has to remain closed until further notice. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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ASL Faculty Members Participated in Election Related Public Activities

Over the course of the 2020 US Presidential Election several of our ASL faculty members participated in election related public activities. This news item is meant to give you an overview of these activities in case you have not checked them out yet or if you want to revisit them.

Prof. Dr. Katja Kanzler:

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Request your Mail-In Ballot for the University Elections until November 30!

On December 15 and 16, university elections will be held for the student body councils, including your student representatives for English and American Studies (FSR AnAm). In case you do not want to vote in person this year, you can request your mail-in ballot until Monday, November 30.

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Call for Papers: Emerging Research in Podcast Studies

Event Name:
Emerging Research in Podcast Studies

Event Date:
February 19, 2021

Event Description:
A virtual interdisciplinary symposium for graduate students to introduce their projects and discuss podcasting research.

Organizers: Jeff Donison (York University) & Alyn Euritt (Universität Leipzig)



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