American Studies Leipzig Student Caterina Rost Travels to US for GOP/DEM Conventions

American Studies Leipzig student Caterina Rost left Sunday on a flight to the US to visit the Democratic and Republican National Conventions this fall. The trip is part of the research project she does investigating the current elections and especially the “youth vote.” See her blog at for more details.

For her trip, Caterina has scheduled a number of meetings to talk to local organizers, party officials, politicans, college students, etc. Her plan is to use this one-person-study-tour to gather rich and diverse input for her Magister Thesis that will also focus on the role of the youth in the current presidential elections.

Caterina will attend both national conventions. Luckily, she will report back to the American Studies Leipzig community through the new Election08 Special Blog, and you can use this blog to ask her for first-hand information from the States. Her day to day experiences, conversations with strangers, pictures and (yes!) even video will be available through Caterina’ personal blog.

The map below details the locations currently scheduled.

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