Course Catalog Winter Semester 2020/21

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BA Professional Skills Module
“Creative Writing: Imagining America” (04-001-1019)
(5 Credits)

Overall module responsibility: Annika Schadewaldt
Module organization & coordination​: Annika Schadewaldt

From First Page to Last
Wednesday, 5 - 7 pm

This comprehensive course is designed to advance the craft of writing fiction. It will be conducted in a studio-style setting, meaning that honing our writing skills will be our primary focus. We will develop an in-depth understanding of the elements writers master in order to create and, most importantly, complete their projects, and we will apply those concepts to our own material. Lessons will include plot, outlining strategies, narrative, dialogue, tension, pacing, conflict, world-building, character development, scene-building, voice, style, descriptive techniques, and editing skills. Accordingly, during lectures, we will discuss the structural/stylistic choices found in literary and genre works by recognized authors. During workshops, the class will share and discuss their own work. By the end of the course, each student will have a portfolio comprised of exercises, drafts, and at least one polished short story. There is no required textbook. Instead, we will use a combination of materials developed by me and also those found in syllabi of Margaret Atwood, Linda Barry, Joyce Carol Oates, and Neil Gaiman.

Please also see our news item for more information on this module.