"Nauseating Tradition": U.S. Election Campaigns and Racism

The op-ed article ”Running While Black” by Bob Herbert of the New York Times comments the role of race in election campaigns. It compares the recent negative McCain ad that criticizes Obama for being popular (whatever you do is wrong-style) to a 2006 attack ad by the Republican National Committee that denounced former Representative Hard Ford, Jr., who ran for a Senate seats in Tennessee in 2006. He lost to his Republican opponent Bob Corker. The article stands for itself and is a must read! And here are the two ads:   


2006: Republican National Committee anti-Harold Ford Jr. ad


2008: McCain anti-Obama ad, featuring Spears and Hilton


An additional fact that contributed to the strangeness of the McCain ad is that Britney Spears is known to be a supporter of the Republicans (I wonder if she rethinks that now) and that Paris Hilton’s grandfather is (or at least was until the ad was aired) an outspoken and contributing supporter of McCain.


To complete the story (for now), here is Obama’s ad-reaction: