Picador Roundtable on Spectator Sports Draws Large Crowd

The Picador Roundtable with Picador Guest Professor Chuck Klosterman and Fulbright Professor Ben Alpers today was attended by approximately 30 to 40 students. The two professors showed film excerpts from the 2006 TV series Friday Night Lights, Steve James’ 1994 movie Hoop Dreams, and Ken Burns’ 1994 documentary Baseball.The excerpts provided the basis for extended discussions among the two speakers, but even more so with the audience, on the different fan cultures in Germany and the United States and the peculiarties of the fan cultures of the three most important US spectator sports: Football, Basketball, and Baseball.


After over two hours of discussion, the roundtable took a break for Pizza and beer [sponsored by the DAAD] and then continued for two more hours. All in all, one of the longest single academic events! Put differently, the event lasted almost as long as the longest football game (that would be 4:56, Arkansas vs. Kentucky, 2003).


The audience was grateful for a chance to have such an extended chat with two high profile speakers and the conversations continued in front of the building after American Studies Leipzig Staff locked the doors.


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