Radio Mephisto Interviews ASL About Obama Visit.

Radio Mephisto, the leading student radio station at the University of Leipzig with a regional listnership of approximately twenty-five thousand, interviewed ASL today about the visit of presidential candidate Barack Obama to Berlin.

Questions included whether it was arrogant of Obama to want to speak in front of the Brandenburg Gate, what his speech might portend for German-American relations, and what the Obama visit to Germany and Europe means for the John McCain candidacy.

Crister Garrett answered that it was certainly a confident gesture on Obama’s part to seek the backdrop of the Brandenburg Gate, but until recently German candidates for the Chancellory regularly travelled to Washington D.C. and were welcomed in the White House (with those photos usually making the front page of German newspapers), that Obama’s speech would represent a type of informal agenda for German-American relations should Obama win, and that McCain can do little except wait for this successful Obama trip (dramatic images from Europe, Middle East, and Afghanistan) to end and then get back to the more prosaic politics of presidential campaigns that take place on American soil.