MDR Interviews ASL About Obama Visit to Berlin.

MDR and its current affairs radio show, Figaro, interviewed American Studies Leipzig today about the visit of presidential candidate Barack Obama to Berlin. MDR (Mitteldeutschland Rundfunk/Central Germany Public Radio) is the leading news provider for central Germany.

Reporter Ulrike Timm spoke with Crister Garrett about why Barack Obama is such a “phenomenon” in Germany, why perceptions of Obama swing so dramatically (from the great new hope to just an average politician), and what role does charisma really play in politics. Garrett noted that Obama reminds many of John F. Kennedy in Germany and JFK is still a type of “pop star” in this country, that the swings in perceptions about Obama are “natural” and also occurring in the USA, and that while charisma is very important in politics, successful candidates must also have a credible message.