You may have not noticed, but it is appears to be obligatory for U.S. presidents to have a dog. A quick research (cf. pictures below) has shown that every president since Kennedy had a hairy pal. Now, the important questions are: How is this issue going to play in November? And when and what kind of dog will Barack Obama get?


These might seem like silly questions, but Obama might think twice about that. After all, an Associated Press poll revealed that “pet owners favor McCain,” who “has a veritable menagerie [of about 24 pets], including Sam the English springer spaniel, Coco the mutt, turtles Cuff and Link, Oreo the black and white cat, a ferret, three parakeets and a bunch of saltwater fish.”


The American Kennel Club seeks to help Obama with the choice of what kind of dog to get. They narrowed the search down to five breeds and asked the public to cast their vote. So far, theSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier and the Poodle are in a close race tied at 25%, closely followed by theMiniature Schnauzer (21%) and theBichon Frise (20%). TheChinese Crested is far behind with only 9% of the votes. To be honest, however, I would prefer for the Obama’s to visit an animal shelter to get a cross-breed instead. What do you think?   


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I wanted to participate in the "silly questions" section, so I registered to make this very important contribution...
As Caterina wrote, McCain owns--among many other pets--two turtles named Cuff and Link. Choosing these names, he was definitely inspired by one big saga of American cinema: Rocky.
In "Rocky" (1976), the boxing protagonist has a crush on Adrian, who works at the local pet shop, near the gym. Rocky bought a fish and two turtles and visits the shop regularly, for buying turtle food, seeing Adrian and telling jokes he invented. The first time Adrian visits Rocky's place, he introduces his pets: "These are my friends Cuff and Link." At the end of the movie, Rocky fights against the heavyweight champion but loses in a split decision. One movie later (1979), Rocky retires and marries Adrian. However, Rocky was not born to be merely a husband, he was born to be a fighter. He talks to his turtles and some movie minutes later decides to fight again. This time he is more successful and becomes the heavyweight champion.
Some decades and several Rocky movies later "the greatest underdog story of our time... [came] back for one final round" in 2006 with "Rocky Balboa." Rocky is old, alone and restless, his wife Adrian died some years ago. However, Rocky's two friendly turtles are still around. Cuff and Link--now grown up turtles--are introduced in the movie's first minutes.
In the broadest sense, Cuff and Link might stand for some kind of stability, honesty, true friendship in Rocky's life. The support his boxing career, his strong work ethic, his sense of 'never giving up' and proving to be not “just another bum from the neighborhood.” As his friends in the background, the good old turtles accompany Rocky's version of the American Dream, his 'underdog becoming champ' story.
What did McCain think of naming his turtles like Rocky Balboa did?
Is McCain the underdog fighting for the presidential title?
Supported by his presidential turtles?
Of course Cuff and Link are just minor 'characters' in all Rocky movies. However, noticing that McCain was inspired by these films made me think of this really hard task of naming a presidential pet. I guess it would be interesting (in a silly kind of way) to look at the names of different presidential pets. I know someone who once named a cat Malcom X and I have also met a poodle named Marley (inspiration: Bob Marley). Would these be appropriate or accepted names for a presidential pet?
If Obama owns a dog, he might think about naming the animal either Butkus (Rocky's dog in "Rocky" and "Rocky II") or Punchy (Rocky's dog in "Rocky Balboa"), just to please the Rocky fans who don't support McCain...

Daily Show & Presidential Pet Museum…


That would indeed make an interesting study ;)


I wonder if anyone has ever asked McCain about that in an interview? Maybe we should send an e-mail to the Daily Show making them aware of it. Maybe Jon Stewart would ask his most frequent visitor McCain about it, when he reappears on the show for the 14th time.


For all the known presidential pets and their names, check out the presidential pet museum online. To my surprise, it is not just a cyberspace museum… it actually has a site in Annapolis, Maryland. So I’ll see if I have the time to check it out this fall.