The Terrymania is Over

Terry McAuliffe, former Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton for President committee chair, will be very much missed on the campaign trail now that Hillary Clinton has suspended her candidacy. The always forward looking McAuliffe was persistant in delivering and staying on message. Today the New York Times wrote:

“Mr. McAuliffe served as morale officer, regularly visiting headquarters and taking dejected aides to dinner. His feisty, manic television apprearances became so ubiquitous that aides developed “Terry Bingo” with 25 boxes listing his most common lines of spin — “More electable,” “Can still win” — and marked the boxes as he uttered them again and again.” 

The following videos illustrates McAuliffe’s ability very clearly and quite entertaining, but they also give some great insight into the business of news and campaigning. After watching them, I was asking myself “are these people still in touch with their audience and with reality”? After all, it is very clear that they live in their own little world: covering the news, reading, watching, and listening to the news, talking to news makers, etc. pp.

The video was produced by, a so-called “liberal” video-blog that calls itself the “CSI of news.” Veracifier is linked to the blog Talking Points Memo and encourages citizen journalism.

Some more Terry for y’all:



What struck me about this post are actually two things that do not have to do with Terry at all. Your link to veracifier (a webpage that seems to be concerned with the truth-value of campaign-issues) and your phrase that campaign professionals had lost "touch with their audience and with reality." After all, "covering the news, reading, watching, and listening to the news, talking to news makers" could also be seen as bringing somebody in close touch with reality, couldn't it?