Updates for Fall Semester 2006

Dear students,
please find below the most up-to-date information on the upcoming fall term of 2006. For all students, instruction starts on 16 Oct, 2006.


Info for Entering BA Students

The American Studies Leipzig Student Orientation Week (SOW) will be held during 10-12 October. This event is mandatory for all BA Kernfach students. To learn more about the orientation week, read the corresponding news article. You can find a complete program under curriculum > downloads and resources.
If you are coming to Leipzig as a new student, you must participate in this event!

Please consult this overview on how to configure your Wahlbereich. You can also find this document under curriculum > downloads and resources.


Info for Current Students (Magister and BA)

Instruction begins on 16 Oct, 2006. Check out the Course Descriptions for a list of all courses. Please note: Due to technical problems and despite other information, HIS LSF is not available for enrollment. Enrollment for most American Studies courses takes place via Lehrbox. To enroll via Lehrbox, please go to the course catalog under Curriculum > Courses, click on the course you want to enroll in and use your lehrbox credentials to confirm. Courses you are enrolled in will show up in your lehrbox homezone.
Those courses that do accept enrollment in the first session have a special notice in their course description.
Many courses do have an enrollment deadline.


American Studies as Wahlbereich

If you are a student of an institute other than American Studies Leipzig and you are considering to participate in American Studies as part of your BA-Wahlbereich, special regulations apply. Please consult our fact sheet to learn about those.


Of course, these regulations apply only for students in the BA program of another institute. BA students of American Studies Leipzig and Magister Students, please consult the section above on how to enroll for courses, etc.