Alumni Association Holds Ceremony for ASL Graduates

On April 20 the American Studies Alumni Association (ASAA) held its annual graduation ceremony for about thirty American Studies graduates at the Villa Tillmanns.

Thirty American Studies graduates, who completed American Studies within the past year, were joined by their families and friends as well as American Studies alumni and members of the ASL faculty to conclude their studies in a festive reception.

Rather than bidding them farewell, Zoe Kusmierz, chairwoman of the ASAA, welcomed the graduates among the American Studies Alumni. Consul Mark Wenig and Professor Hartmut Keil then stressed the many possibilities American Studies alumni have on the job market before Prof. Anne Koenen and Zoe Kusmierz presented the many different topics the graduates had dealt with in their theses. The graduates received a symbolic diploma to welcome them among the American Studies Alumni. Finally, two graduates, Klaus Hückstädt and Katja Wenk, reviewed their experience as American Studies students amusingly and ended the ceremony on a lighter note. Music, sparkling wine, and appetizers rounded off the reception.

The graduation ceremony was supported generously by the American Consulate General in Leipzig. It was held for the fifth time this year.