Byrnes Center Stuttgart Invites ASL to Hold Talk

The James Byrnes Center for German-American Affairs in Stuttgart and the Baden-Wuerttemberg Center for European Affairs invited American Studies Leipzig to hold a lecture on 8 May about the state of U.S.-E.U. relations. The date was selected in part since it marks the conclusion of World War II sixty-two years ago. The presentation was held by Professor Crister Garrett and was placed in the context of the United States and the E.U. also celebrating fifty years of the Treaties of Rome (founding the European Community) and therewith a milestone in European integration. An audience of just over fifty guests heard remarks from Professor Garrett underscoring how from George C. Marshall presenting his ideas for the Plan in his name in 1947 to Angela Merkel signing a new transatlantic pact with America in 2007, the United States has played a pivotal role in encouraging European integration.