American Studies Leipzig Launches New Website

American Studies Leipzig has launched a new website as part of its transition to the era of BA and MA Degrees inspired by the Bologna Process of the European Union.

The website seeks to engage prospective students in Germany, Europe, and internationally who are considering the possibilities to study at one of Central Europe’s oldest and most distinguished universities and in one of Germany’s leading American Studies Programs with a strong and unique profile.

The website also is a platform for current students, providing a steady source of new and important information that they need to pursue their studies efficiently.

The new ASL website also seeks to portray the Institute for American Studies as an active participant in the general community debate and engagement with developments in American life, and the role of America in the region, in Europe, and internationally. American Studies Leipzig is an active community citizen encouraging international education and dialog.

The new website also seeks to be a service for the academic community by providing an overview of the scholarly interests of its faculty, and the types of research faculty members are pursuing.

In sum, the website is meant to be a dynamic tool so that prospective students, current students, the general community, and the academic community can inform themselves about the many innovative programs, research efforts, community activities, and new developments and intiatives that together make American Studies Leipzig an unmistakable presence in campus and community life.

We would welcome hearing from you and learning about your impressions of the new website, and of course, your suggestions for improvements! You can use our web form to send us a message.

Thank You
American Studies Leipzig