Picador Professorship Seminars in Summer '07

American Studies Leipzig Invites You to Join the Following Seminars Offered by the Summer ‘07 Picador Guest Professor for Literature, James Hopkin.

207 The Novels of Thomas Pynchon (Wed 5-7)
Taught by novelist and new Picador Professor, James Hopkin, the seminar will focus on the US American author and novelist Thomas Pynchon. It will not only employ a wide range of scholarly perspectives but also take into consideration the perspective of the literary ‘practitioner.’ Students get a chance to shape the class syllabus and choose two of Pynchon’s novels for class discussion.
Please see www.ul.as.lehrbox.de/190 for more information and enrollment details.

208 Creative Writing / Book Reviewing (Blockseminar)
In an experimental format, this class offers students a forum to practice writing non-academic texts. Depending on student demand, these texts may be fictional or book reviews. Working in small groups with visiting novelist James Hopkins as their instructor, students learn to develop their own ideas and are mentored through the process of putting them into writing. The class targets students with very good English skills. Depending on their individual curricula, students may qualify for credits (please discuss details with ASL Advisers Katja Kanzler or Sebastian Herrmann).
Details of the seminar, as well as dates for workshops, will be discussed in the seminar’s first meeting on Thursday, April 12, 6pm in room GWZ 2.516.
Please see www.ul.as.lehrbox.de/191 for more information and enrollment details.

James Hopkin
James Hopkin has studied Modern Fiction at the University of East Anglia and wrote his PhD-thesis on Mikhail Bakhtin and Patrick White at the University of York and the University of East Anglia.. He has lived in Krakow, Berlin, Manchester and several other places across Europe. His first novel Winter Under Water (2007) has won wide praise among literary critics, with The Independent highlighting that “few first-time novelists […] have an ability to conjure language to such magical effects.” James Hopkin has won the inaugural Norwich Prize for Literature
Hopkin will stay in Leipzig for the Summer Term of 2007 as a Picador Professor for Literature to teach two classes and to work on his next project.

For more information on the Picador Professorship, see our Picador Professorship Page at http://americanstudies.uni-leipzig.de/picador or feel free to contact American Studies Leipzig attn. Sebastian M. Herrmann (smherrmann@uni-leipzig.de).

This Seminar Announcement is also available as a PDF document.