Group from Widener University Visits ASL

American Studies Leipzig has hosted a group of 15 students, instructors and community members from Widener University (Chester, Pennsylvania, USA). Widener University is one of America’s oldest liberal arts institutions, established in 1821.

The group is visiting Germany for some 10 days and will see Leipzig, Dresden, and Berlin. The purpose of their stay is to learn more about Germany, more specifically German Higher Education. In Leipzig, they talked to ASL faculty about the Bologna Process, the changes the German University System is currently undergoing, and the possibilities, opportunities and difficulties these transitions bring.

The group from Widener University was eager to learn about what American Studies is like in Germany and about the German and European perspective on the United States. While discussing these issues with ASL faculty, they went to see the downtown campus currently undergoing construction, as well as the restored library and the new building of the humanities (GWZ).

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