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 BA American Studies: Registration Procedures for Summer Term 2007 

Submitted by webmaster on Sat, 02/24/2007 - 12:00

Unfortunately, electronic registration for your BA modules is not yet available. So registration will proceed much like in the previous semester:

American Studies Majors (Kernfächler) are guaranteed places in the two AmSt-modules offered next semester Society, History & Politics I (SHP I) and Introduction to Linguistics (Ling.). You may choose among the modules' parallel Seminars and Übungen (see our course catalogue). Please note, however, that the course 305 a) can only be taken along with 303 b) (and vice versa), and that 306 a) can only be taken along with 303 a). We therefore strongly recommend two 'packages' in which you can enroll for the modules:

Package I

- Lecture (301) Wed., 9:15-10:45
- PS (302b) Wed., 1:15-2:45
- Ü (303b) Tue., 11:15-12:45

- Lecture (304) Tue., 1:15-2:45
- PS (305a) Tue., 9:15-10:45
- Ü (306b) Thu., 5:15-6:45

Package II

- Lecture (301) Wed., 9:15-10:45
- PS (302a) Wed., 11:15-12:45
- Ü (303a) Tue., 9:15-10:45

- Lecture (304) Tue., 1:15-2:45
- PS (305b) Thu., 11:15-12:45
- Ü (306a) Tue., 11:15-12:45

You can conveniently download the two packages as timetables.

Next to these two AmSt-modules, you will attend a third module for your Wahlbereich. As last semester, you are asked to browse the university's course listings (see the course listings for Wahlbereich below) and select four modules for which you want to apply.

Please print this application form, fill it out, and hand it in at the American Studies Secretariat (GWZ 3.506) March 26-April 2, 2007, during its regular office hours.

Both Society, History & Politics I and Introduction to Linguistics are open for students who take American Studies for their Wahlbereich. Those students need to apply for admission to these modules at the Institute where they are matriculated. We will publish a list of Wahlbereich-students accepted into the modules on April 3 at this website and on the pinboard in front of room 3.502. To confirm your registration, you will need to come to the Institute’s secretariat (room 3.506) to sign the required forms – on April 3 and 4, 10am – 12 noon & 1 – 3 pm. A final round of late admissions will be conducted on April 10 & 11.


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