Picador Professorship Inaugurated

The University of Leipzig, the Institute for American Studies, the DAAD, and the Holtzbrinck Veranstaltungsforum inaugurated the new Picador Professorship for Literature in the Alter Senatsaal of the Rektorat on 23 January. The Professorship is housed at the Institute for American Studies.

As Rektor Franz Häuser stressed during his comments, the Professorship underscores the importance of internationalization for the future of the University, and that the University not only talks about this agenda, but bundles its efforts to realize this central priority. By doing so, and as evident with the inauguration of the Picador Professorship at Leipzig, another important step has been taken in building the international stature of the University.

To see the Program for the Inauguration, please click here.

To see the Text from Tristan Hughes for the Inauguration, please click here.

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