Deutschlandfunk Interviews ASL about State-of-the-Union Speech

Deutschlandfunk conducted a live interview with American Studies Leipzig for the noon news hour on Wednesday, 24 January. The topic of the interview involved an analysis about the content and implications of President Bush’s State-of-the-Union Speech, an important date in the annual American political calendar.

Questions focused on the possibilities of success for the so-called “surge strategy” in Iraq, to what extent the Republican Party still stands behind its president, and whether President Bush has found new interest in environmental issues as indicative from his speech.

Crister Garrett’s answers indicated that any strategy in Iraq right now faces enormous challenges but also chances for success (depending on how this is defined), that the president is a very lonely man right now especially in his own party, and that the president discussed the need for renewable energies in his speech not so much in the line of Kyoto and combating global warming but rather about the needs for national security.