Panel Discussion: 1968 in America: Then and Now

American Studies Leipzig invites you to the following event:

Panel Discussion: „1968 IN AMERICA: THEN AND NOW“

Monday, 23 June
6 pm - 8 pm
Städtisches Kaufhaus
Room 2-08

„This  year,  in  Germany  and  around  the  world,  people  are  reflecting  on events  forty  years  ago.  Join  us  for  a  panel  discussion  of  1968  in  the  United  States. What  happened  in  the  U.S.  in  that  critical  year?  How  did  events in  the  United  States  in  1968 fit  into  larger  political  changes  and  trends? What  are  the  contemporary  implications  of  1968  for    the  United  States? How  does  the  U.S.  experience  of  1968  look  in  an  international  perspective?“

Panelists are:

Prof. Mitchell Cohen
Professor of Political Science at Bernard Baruch College and the Doctoral Faculty of the City University of New York; Co-editor of Dissent magazine.

Prof. Paul Rundquist
Specialist  in  American  National  Government  with  the  Congressional  Research Service of the Library of Congress (1974-2005); Fulbright Guest Professor at Martin-Luther Universität Halle and the Institute for American Studies at Leipzig University.

Prof. Benjamin Alpers
2008 Fulbright Guest Professor at Leipzig University; Reach for Excellence Associate Professor in the Honors College at the University of Oklahoma.

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