Additional Block Seminar by Frank Freidel Scholar in Residence

American Studies Leipzig will offer one additional seminar taught by the 2008 Frank-Freidel Scholar in Residence, Dr. Paula Lee.
The seminar is entitled “Animals in America: A Fauna Fantasy on Nationalist Themes.” It is located at the exciting intersection of American Studies and Animal Studies and sets out to examine the changing role of animals in shaping contemporary American culture and society. The seminar offers the unique opportunity to explore a burgeoning new field of interdisciplinary scholarship at the crossroads of the humanities and life sciences, and to work with an internationally renowned young scholar in the field. The class introduces students to some of the core theory in the vibrant field of Animal Studies, and it trains them to apply the theory to critical analyses of primary sources like Felix Salten’s Bambi and Edward Albee’s Zoo Story.

The class will be held as a Blockseminar June 6th - July 11. Due to its unique format, attendance may be restricted. It welcomes applications by students of American Studies as well as by qualified and motivated students in other programs. The seminar will be taught in English.

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