ASL Announces 2008 Freidel Scholar in Residence, Dr. Paula Lee

American Studies Leipzig is proud to announce this year’s Frank Freidel Scholar in Residence, Dr. Paula Lee. Dr. Lee, currently a visiting scholar in the History of Science at Harvard University, will stay in Leipzig for six weeks in June and July. She holds a PhD in Art History from the University of Chicago, her research addresses practices of animal captivity in the United States and France, including museums, menageries, barnyards, and slaughterhouses. Dr. Lee has edited two volumes, Meat, Modernity, and the Rise of the Slaughterhouse (2008) and The Slaughterhouse and the City (2006), that examine the rise of the slaughterhouse in the industrialized West. Her current work continues to examine concepts of the nature and the land; agriculture and the environment; food and foodways; abjection and the body; and the cultural history of animals from the paleontological past to the present.
Dr. Lee comes to Leipzig as the 2008 Frank-Freidel Scholar-in-Residence. The Frank Freidel Residency brings U.S. scholars to Leipzig to use the rich resources of the Frank Freidel Memorial Library at Leipzig’s American Studies Institute, and to discuss their projects with Leipzig’s academic community. The program is generously supported by the Embassy of the United States in Berlin.
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