Frank Freidel Residency: Call for Applications

Frank Freidel Memorial Library Residency Program at the University of Leipzig

The Institute for American Studies at the University of Leipzig (Germany) announces the Frank Freidel Memorial Library Residency Program. The residency comes with a stipend, covers international travel and lodging, and offers staff support for research. The Frank Freidel Memorial Library is an interdisciplinary collection in the field of American Studies especially suited for scholarship dealing with literary, historical, cultural, transnational, and transatlantic projects. The Freidel Library Resident is expected to also be actively engaged with the local academic community, offering one block-seminar and three lectures in the region. The Residency is six to eight weeks and should take place during June and July.

The deadline for applications for 2008 is 18 April. For more details about the program and how to apply please visit or contact the Executive Director of the Freidel Residency Program, Dr. Katja Kanzler, at