Krautgarden: Reading by US and Leipzig Authors

On 14. March, the third “Krautgarden” will take place, and this time, it will happen in New York and Leipzig!

Since 2006, the literary event “Krautgarden” has brought German-speaking authors to New York. The idea of developing this small reading series—taking place every March shortly after Germany’s renowned Leipzig Book Fair—into a full-sized transatlantic literature festival for young American and German authors in New York and Leipzig has been there from day one. This year, on March 7th and 8th, “Krautgarden” presents a Leipzig-Warm-Up in New York, featuring the best young authors of both countries.

A week later, at the Leipzig Book Fair, “Krautgarden” brings all participating authors to the studios of Baumwollspinnerei in Leipzig, where many artists of the acclaimed “New Leipzig School” have set up their working space.

Find more information at (includes a detailed schedule) and be there ;)