UPDATED: BA, MA, and Magister Registration Summer 2008


Magister Grundstudium:

ASL will hold a Magister Townhall Meeting on 4 April 2008, 10 am – 12 noon, in room 2.5.16. This event is meant to help you collect the necessary credits to take your Zwischenprüfung. You will receive customized advice as to what course will help you finish your remaining course load most effectively. Registration for courses will be done individually during the meeting. Attendance at the Townhall Meeting is mandatory for all Mag Grundstudium students.

Magister Hauptstudium:

As a rule, classes for Magister Hauptstudium require prior enrollment. Enrollment procedures are specified in each course description (please see the course catalog ).


American Studies Majors

Any BA students who wish more extensive advising on their study options for the upcoming semester are encouraged to attend the office hours of one of the program’s advisors.

All BA students may enroll on paper as in previous semesters, or online from 9 am on 25 March 2008 until 5 pm on 1 April on https://sb.uni-leipzig.de. To enter the enrollment platform, you may use the login data you have received together with your university card/Student ID. For details, please consult the guidelines for online pre-registration below.

First-year BA Students (Class of 2007):
In the upcoming semester, second-semester BA majors must attend Society, History & Politics I and Introduction to Linguistics as compulsory modules. Students are guaranteed a place in these modules, and they may choose between the parallel groups offered for the modules’ Seminars and Übungen.

In addition, 1st-year students may apply for Literature & Culture II, one of the core electives (Wahlpflichtmodule) recommended for 2nd year BA, which may be attended in advance in order to achieve greater flexibility for your curriculum.

Second-year BA Students (Class of 2006):
You may attend Literature and Culture II and/or The Anglo-American World in a Global Context. Please keep in mind that the Prüfungsordnung asks you to attend three out of the four core elective modules (Wahlpflichtmodule) offered in the course of the program’s second year. However, you are free to attend all four core electives and use the extra module to replace one Wahlbereich-module.

All BA students may apply for modules for their Wahlbereich and for Professional Skills Module (SQM) out of the university’s SQM-offerings. As in previous semesters, you are asked to browse the university’s course listings and select four modules for the Wahlbereich and three for SQM for which you want to apply. The order of your list automatically serves as your priority list. To enroll in your American Studies modules and apply for Wahlbereich and SQM, please print the application form for your class (BA Class 2006, BA Class 2007), fill it out, and hand it in at the American Studies Secretariat (GWZ 3.506) from 25 to 28 March 2008, during Secretariat office hours, or, as indicated above, online from 25 March to 1 April 2008.

American Studies BAs who did not get admitted to any Wahlbereich or SQM should make use of the Restplatzbörse. Students who do not succeed there are encourage to attend the Härtefallsprechstunde on April 4th, 2 to 4 pm, and April 7, 9 am to 12 noon, GWZ 2516.


MA students may chose three out of the following five modules:

• Comparative Societies Culture and Religion
• Political Cultures in a Transatlantic Context
• Media and Society in a Transatlantic Context
• Difference and Literature
• Rethinking the Americas

For further information please consult the American Studies course catalog and the relevant module descriptions. Course registration will be via e-mail to Professor Garrett before 1 April.

American Studies Wahlbereich

If you are interested in taking American Studies as your minor (Wahlbereich), we encourage you to look at the PDF document Options for Building a Minor in American Studies and to contact our Student Advising Team with any questions you may have.

For the summer semester 2008, Society, History & Politics I; Introduction to Linguistics; Literature & Culture II; and, The Anglo-American World in a Global Context are open for students who take American Studies for their Wahlbereich. Students need to apply for admission to these modules at the Institute where they are matriculated.

Please note that all our modules require English language skills at level B2 European Framework (i.e., at least 8 years of language training). LC II and Anglo-American World also require completion of related introductory modules. If you are uncertain whether you meet the requirements of the module you would like to attend, please ask the module’s coordinator.

We will publish a list of Wahlbereich students accepted into the modules at noon on Wednesday, 2nd April 2008, on our website and on the pinboard in front of room 3.502. You may also check the status of your requests for Wahlbereich modules at https://sb.uni-leipzig.de/modulbelegung after 2 April.

To confirm your registration, you will need to come to the Institute’s secretariat (room 3.506) to sign the required forms on Thursday, 3rd April, from 8am-5pm.

Please bring your student id (temporary id is also accepted) as well as documentation of your English language skills and / or of completion of required modules.

A final round of late admissions will be conducted after 7th April 2008.


Thank You.

American Studies Leipzig