Mephisto Radio Interviews ASL About Presidential Primaries

Radio Mephisto, the main student-run radio station for the University of Leipzig and with a listenership of approximately thirty-thousand people in Leipzig and the surrounding region, interviewed ASL live in studio today about the presidential primaries and what the results in New Hampshire mean for the future course of the election season.

Reporter Bettina Meier asked about what had led to such a dramatic change of fortunes for Hilary Clinton, why Germans seem to be clearly more interested in Democratic candidates, and what the victory by John McCain means for the Republican Party. Crister Garrett noted that female voters, older voters, and traditional Democrats gave Senator Clinton the edge this time around. Germans interested in American politics probably follow the Democratic candidates closer since most of this clientele rather share the political views associated with the Democratic Party (polls show 80% of Germans would likely vote for a Democratic candidate). John McCain is now back and is a clear favorite among Republicans and could also appeal to conservative Democratic voters, a real concern for the Democratic Party.