Radio Berlin-Brandenburg Interviews ASL About Primaries

Radio Berlin-Brandenburg (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg), the largest radio news source for northeastern Germany, interviewed ASL live today about the presidential primaries.

Reporter Katja Weber asked Crister Garrett about the role of emotions in the New Hampshire primary, the role of race, and the role of national security issues. Crister Garrett replied that emotions played an important role in New Hampshire, especially Hilary Clinton’s vulnerable moment where she showed tentativeness in declaring that the election was very personal and important for her; this seemed to garner her more support among female voters. Both Iowa and New Hampshire, states overwhelmingly composed of white voters, have had voters supporting Barack Obama in droves, showing that the U.S. is indeed in important respects “ready” for an African-American president. National security issues are clearly more important for Republican voters (Democrats place Iraq as a top priority, but the economy is even more important), and here John McCain has a clear advantage among voters over Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney.