ZDF Heute Interviews ASL on Presidential Primaries

ZDF Heute, and its on-line news organization, zdfheute.de, interviewed ASL today about the implications of the New Hampshire primary for the future course of the presidential election process. The internet news portal zdfheute.de is accessed by over a half million people each day both in Germany and worldwide.

ZDF Heute correspondent Kristina Hofmann asked Crister Garrett about the surprising results considering the polls just prior to election day, about what could be expected in the coming weeks with more key primaries on the way, and what New Hampshire meant for the fortunes of the Republican Party.

Crister Garrett noted that the polls predicting a clear Obama Barack win were probably strongly influenced by independent voters (some 45% of all voters in New Hampshire) who changed their votes in the last minute, that the upcoming primaries were wide open for both Democrats and Republicans, and as far as the Republican Party’s future, the primaries were showing that the party is deeply divided between various conservative factions stressing social values, economics, and national security.

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