Leipziger Volkszeitung Interviews ASL on Presidential Primaries.

Senior Editor for International News at the Leipziger Volkszeitung, Dr. Anita Kecke, interviewed American Studies Leipzig about the results from the Iowa Caucus and what they mean for the future course of the presidential primaries. Crister Garrett noted that the results dramatically showed that in an overwhelmingly white and rural state like Iowa, voters are ready to vote for a black candidate like Barack Obama. In what was a stunning surprise to all observers, presidential candidate Hilary Clinton managed to get a majority of votes only among voters over sixty. In every other age, income, and ethnic category, Barack Obama clearly defeated the Senator from New York. The interview also looked ahead to New Hampshire and beyond, and what early results mean for the Republican Party, and even for German-American relations.

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The Leipziger Volkszeitung has a readership of approximately a half-million people.