Additional Proseminar to be Offered

Due to an unexpected demand, American Studies Leipzig has decided to offer another Proseminar for Magister Grundstudium. The Seminar will take place in a condensed format, i.e. extended sessions over a shorter time. Please note that this may well be one of the last topical proseminars offered in the American Studies Leipzig Magister Grundstudium.

Seminar sessions will take place Thursdays, 5:15 in GWZ 2.516 - the first session on November 8th will serve to schedule the remaining sessions. More information is also available online at

Poetry of the Margins

The United States - melting pot and model for mainstream. Most of our popular culture references (sitcoms, movies, bestsellers, comics, music) come from the ‘land of plenty.’
In this literature course, however, we want to take a look at the other voices, the minorities, the marginalized and the oppressed. How do Chinese Americans express their struggles? What language do Mexican Americans write their poetry in? How do Jewish Americans tell their stories? What words do gay Americans use to share their life?
In a condensed seminar setting we want to learn to read poetry triggered by identity issues.
To get a full grasp of poetic expressions shaped by a sense of inequality, be it for race, sex or class, the seminar will serve as an opportunity to discuss socio-political backgrounds, learn to analyze poems methodically as well as to translate and appreciate their stories and souls.